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Proceedings published since 2005. They are included in the list of RINC and VAC. ISSN 2078-7707. Index of Rospechat: 59883


Acceptance of articles

  1. After the announcement of the beginning of the reception you can send articles (not more than 3 per author) on the conference website to consider possibility their inclusion in the conference Program and Proceedings.
  2. In that case, if the article is substantially different from the claimed subject matter of the conference or with large number of violations from the recommended format articles, the author will be refused further consideration of the article and he/she will be notified in a letter from the Program Committee.
  3. Next while the article is not sent to the Program Committee for review, it may be corrected any number of times. Closing date of admission and the beginning of the review are announced in advance. After sending the article for reviewing, the corrections will automatically be blocked.
  4. Author may withdraw the article from consideration by deleting it from its personal account on the conference website

Initial reviewing

  1. Reviewing is conducted for 1.5 - 2 months, usually by two reviewers. Reviewing is 'blind' - the author does not know the names of the reviewers, the reviewers do not see the list of authors and their organizations.
  2. Results will be available upon completion of the review and after the program Committee will make the article initial decision. Variants of solutions:
    • paper is accepted in the conference program, authors should consider the reviewers' comments and submit a revised version for further proofreading edits;
    • paper is not yet adopted for the conference program, but the comments are not too strict. The author should consider the reviewers' comments and submit a revised version for assessment by the Program Committee made corrections;
    • paper is not yet adopted for the conference program due to serious reviewers comments. The author should revise the article and submit the corrected version in order to reviewers evaluate made corrections;
    • paper is not accepted for the conference program, there may be several reasons. The decision is final, not subject to appeal.

Secondary reviewing

  1. For those articles which receive comments of the reviewers, shall be conducted the author's correction.
  2. After the article with the status «rework irrelevant remarks» are evaluated by the program Committee.
    Article status «rework substantive comments» are sent for re-review to the same reviewers. At this stage, the reviewer does not give any comments, but only makes a conclusion: «accept» or «deny».
  3. The final decision on the article based on the evaluations of the reviewers makes the Program Committee. The author is sent an email notification of the status of the article, besides the article's status is visible in the personal account of the author.

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