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Proceedings published since 2005. They are included in the list of RINC and VAC. ISSN 2078-7707. Index of Rospechat: 59883

Requirements for articles

When sending articles to the editorial Board, authors should follow to the following provisions.

1. The requirements to the article

    (the pattern of the article)

    A file to be sent must contain:

    • the name,
    • the list of authors with indication of their organizations and the electronic address for communication,
    • abstract,
    • list of keywords,
    • text of article,
    • list of references (denoted hereafter as 'references').

    Next in the same file without breaking the page it should follow (in English, if the main text of the article in Russian, and in Russian, if the main text of the article in English):

    • the name,
    • list of authors with indication of their organizations and the electronic address for communication,
    • list of keywords,
    • the annotation,
    • the list of references (also called 'References').

    The file should have a volume of 6 to 8 pages.

    At preparing the article, please use the styles present in the above template.

1.1. The requirements to the author's abstract

    You need to keep in mind that the English author's abstract in the Russian-language edition is for foreign scientists and specialists the main and usually the only source of information about the content of the article and described results of research. Foreign experts assess by it the publication, determine their interest to the work of Russian scientist, they can use it in their work and make link to it, to open a discussion with the author, request a full text, etc.

    Author's summary is intended to serve as an independent source of information.

    Author's summary (and also Russian-speaking 'summary') must:

    • be informative (not contain common words);
    • describe the main purpose of the study;
    • explain how the study was conducted without methodological details;
    • summarize the most important results and highlight their importance;
    • not contain citations and abbreviations (except common). If the abbreviation or symbol is used, it should give the transcript during its first use;
    • the information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the abstract.

    Additional requirements to English abstract:

    • it must be original (not to be translation of Russian-language annotation from literal translation);
    • it must be well structured. Recommended sections: Purpose, Methods, Results, Discussion;
    • it must be written in good English;
    • it must be of volume of 100 to 250 words.

1.2. Requirements to list of keywords


    • should reflect the main content of the article
    • should use terms from the text of the article
    • should not repeat terms in the title and annotations.

1.3. General requirements to 'References'

    Significant part of the list must refer to the works presented in well-known international journals and conference proceedings.

1.3.1. Requirements to Russian 'References'

    It must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of GOST. Additional requirements:

    • it Russian 'References' and English 'References' should be identical in composition;
    • the same English reference must be cites in both lists;
    • the recommended size of the Russian 'references' up to 10 references to foreign journals (conference papers), and perhaps the same amount for domestic sources.

1.3.2. Requirements to English 'References'

    It should to use the following structure of a reference:

    • the authors (transliteration);
    • the translation of the title into English;
    • the name of the source (transliteration);
    • release data in English or only digital ones;
    • indicating the language of the article ('in Russian') at the end of the reference.

    All the text links in 'References' should be in English.

1.3.3. Examples of references in English 'References'

Link to article in the journal

    Zagurenko A.G., Korotovskikh V.A., Kolesnikov A.A., Timonov A.V., Kardymon D.V. Techno-economic optimization of the design of hydraulic fracturing. Neftyanoe khozyaistvo, 2008, no.11, pp. 54-57 (in Russian).

    Kharlamova T.L. Motivational basis for the effective work of an enterprise. Ekonomika i upravlenie, 2006, no. 3, pp. 100-102 (in Russian).

    Lavrishcheva E.E. On assessment of the level of enterprises informatization. Izvestiia vuzov. Severo-kavkazskiy region. Tekhnicheskie nauki, 2006, no. 7, pp. 85-91 (in Russian).

Link to article in electronic journal

    Kontorovich A. E., Korzhubaev A.G., Eder L.V. Forecast of global energy supply: Techniques, quantitative assessments, and practical conclusions. Mineral'nye resursy Rossii. Ekonomika i upravlenie, 2006, no. 5 (in Russian). Available at: http://www.vipstd.ru/gim/content/view/90/278/) (accessed 22.05.2012).

Link to article from proceedings

    Astakhov M.V., Tagantsev T.V. Experimental study of the strength of joints "steelcomposite". Trudy MGTU "Matematicheskoe modelirovanie slozhnykh tekhnicheskikh sistem" - Proc. of the Bauman MSTU “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Technical Systems”, 2006, no. 593, pp. 125-130 (in Russian).

Link to the conference materials

    Usmanov T.S., Gusmanov A.A., Mullagalin I.Z., Muhametshina R.Ju., Chervyakova A.N., Sveshnikov A.V. Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing. 6 Trudy Mezhdunarodnogo Simpoziuma “resursosberegayushchie Novye tekhnologii povysheniya nedropol'zovaniya i neftegazootdachi” - Proc. 6th Int. Symp. “New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact”. Moscow, 2007, pp. 267-272 (in Russian).

Link to the book (monograph, collection)

    Y.A. Kashnikov, Ashikhmin S.G. Mekhanika Gornykh Porod Pri Razrabotke Mestorozhdeniy Uglevodorodnogo Syr'ya - Rock Mechanics In The Development Of Hydrocarbon Deposits, Moscow, OOO "Nedra-Biznestsentr" Publ., 2007. 486 p. (In Russian).

    Lindorf L.S., Mamikoniants L.G., eds. Ekspluatatsiia turbogeneratorov s neposredstvennym okhlazhdeniem - Operation of turbine generators with direct cooling, Moscow, Energiia Publ., 1972. 352 p. (In Russian).

Link to the translated book

    Timoshenko S.P., Young D.H., Weaver W. Vibration problems in engineering. 4th ed. New York, Wiley, 1974. 521 p. (Russ. ed.: Timoshenko S.P., Iang D.Kh., Uiver U. Kolebaniia v inzhenernom dele. Moscow, Mashinostroenie Publ., 1985. 472 p.).

    Brooking A., Jones P., Cox F. Expert systems. Principles and case studies. Chapman and Hall, 1984. 231 p. (Russ. ed.: Bruking A., Dzhons P., F. Koks Ekspertnye system. Printsipy i primery job. Moscow, Radio i sviaz' Publ., 1987. 224 p.) (in Russian).

Link to unpublished document

    Latypov A.R., Khasanov M.M., Baikov V.A. Geology and Production (NGT GiD). The Certificate on official registration of the computer program. No. 2004611198, 2004 (in Russian, unpublished).

    Pressure generator GD-2M. Technical description and user manual. Zagorsk, Res. Inst. of Appl. Chem. Publ., 1975. 15 p. (In Russian, unpublished).

Link to web resource

    Kondrat'ev V.B. Global'naya farmatsevticheskaya promyshlennost' - The global pharmaceutical industry. Available at: http://perspektivy.info/rus/ekob/globalnaja_farmacevticheskaja_promyshlennost_2011-07-18.html (accessed 23.06.2013).

Reference to a thesis or dissertation

    Semenov V.I. Matematicheskoe modelirovanie plazmy v sisteme kompaktnyi tor. Diss. dokt. fiz.-mat. nauk - Mathematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Dr. phys. and math. sci. diss. Moscow, 2003. 272 p. (In Russian).


    Semenov V. I. Matematicheskoe modelirovanie plazmy v sisteme kompaktnyi tor. Dokt, Diss. - Mathematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Doct. Diss. Moscow, 2003. 272 p. (In Russian).

    Grigor ev Iu.A. Razrabotka nauchnykh osnov proektirovaniia arkhitektury raspredelennykh sistem obrabotki dannykh. Diss. dokt. tekhn. nauk - Development of scientific bases of architectural design of distributed data processing systems. Dr. eng. sci. diss. Moscow, Bauman MSTU Publ., 1996. 243 p. (In Russian).

Link to GOST

    GOST 8.586.5–2005. Metodika vypolneniia izmerenii. Izmerenie raskhoda i kolichestva zhidkostei i gazov s pomoshch'iu standartnykh suzhaiushchikh ustroistv [State Standard 8.586.5 –2005. Method of measurement. Measurement of flow rate and volume of liquids and gases by means of orifice devices]. Moscow, Standartinform Publ., 2007. 10 p. (In Russian).


    GOST 8.586.5–2005. Method of measurement. Measurement of flow rate and volume of liquids and gases by means of orifice devices. Moscow, Standartinform Publ., 2007. 10 p. (In Russian).

Link to the patent:

    Palkin M.V. e.a. Sposob orientirovaniia po krenu letatel'nogo apparata s opticheskoi golovkoi samonavedeniia - The way to orient on the roll of aircraft with optical homing head. Patent RF, no. 2280590, 2006. (In Russian).

Link to an anonymous document

    Russian Pharmaceutical Market. Results of 2010. The Analytical Review. DSM Group, 2011. 74 p. (In Russian).

    Current status of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and international experience. Materials for the working group of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia's Economy. Available at: http://www.strategy.ru. (In Russian).

    Code of Business Conduct of OJSC “LUKOIL”. Available at: http://www.lukoil.ru/materials/doc/documents/lukoil_corp_code.pdf. (In Russian).

    RF Federal Law “On Protection of Consumers' Rights” of February 07, 1992 ¹ 2300-1 (as amended by Federal Law of January 09, 1996 ¹ 2 FZ, December 17, 1999 ¹ 212 FZ). (In Russian).

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